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Welcome to the Wild West Smokers 20 Inch Offset Reverse Flow BBQ Smoker. We have teamed up with the Wild West smokers to bring you there classic products!
The 20 inch Reverse flow offset BBQ Smoker is a top of the line quality product, made to create the best tasting food and transform your outdoor area into an entertaining power house!
Are you looking for a competition BBQ smoker? Or do you simply want to make your backyard BBQ the best in town?  Then pull up a chair and experience the offset reverse flow smoker you’ve dreamed of.  Billy the Kid has been designed by engineers and foodies to exacting specifications, resulting in exciting, succulent and innovative BBQ flavours.

The low, slow & smoky movement is in full swing right across Australia. That authentic smokey aroma, wafting through neighbourhood parties is now accessible to you, direct from us at Wild West Smokers.

Take your BBQ experience to the next level and join or start a competition team. Designed by engineers to make the most of the flavours you put into your very own smoker, we guarantee our Billy the Kid smoker will last you a lifetime. And with our customised offerings, we’re happy to talk you through whatever you need to make your BBQ Smoker story a success. View the Wild West Offset Smokers on Instagram and Facebook

We understand you have questions - please call us and ask away!

Talk with Bron Today! 0414 863 444 please call us for any freight queries as the smoker is a unique product and requires a custom freighting price.