Clear Tiffany Chiavari Chair


Tiffany Chiavari Chair - Clear Resin - with White Chair Pad

The Ultimate Wedding Chair

The Tiffany Chiavari Clear Resin Event Chair (comes with White Chair Pad) is the ultimate event and wedding chair. Think back to a time when you were at a wedding or similar event and you were probably sitting on this chair. Your guests should be able to focus on what's happening around them and not on what they are sitting on. So if you want your guests to remember the amazing wedding or the great event and not the uncomfortable chairs, then you should buy this chair.


Not Only Good Looking

The Tiffany Chiavari Clear Resin Event Chair is an elegant chair with a classic design but it not only looks great  it is practical as well. You can stack the chairs up so after the event you can store them up and safely away, without taking up too much storage space. They are super easy to clean as well, with one quick wipe they will be looking brand new for your next event. 



AVAILABLE FROM 25 March 2017 - 200 available

If we have the furniture in stock in our Brisbane warehouse it can be dispatched within 2 business days of payment confirmation. Please be aware these chairs come RTA and need to be assembled.


Shipping & Delivery

We have on-site shipping calculators once you enter the cart process, simply enter your address and city and postage will be calculated, please keep in mind that shipping costs can change at any moment as they are dependent on the carrier and your area. We chase the best quotes for you at all times.

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