Kids Party Chairs

You've been asking for them and we have listened to what you've been saying. Introducing our brand new Kids Americana Chairs, these Americana Chairs are perfect for your little guests at any wedding or event, seamlessly complementing the bigger adult Americana Chairs. 

Don't mistake these for being lesser than the Adult Americana Chairs; they are made with the same materials and manufacturing, and they also have some extra features that'll keep your little guests safe and secure.  



Safety Clips 

A special feature just for our Kids Chairs. Each chair has two safety clips right behind the backrest of the chair. These safety clips are built into the chair to secure and fasten the seat so the kids won't be distracted and fold the chairs at any time. 

Easy to move and store

Setting up the Americana Chair is a breeze. To set up all you need to do is unfold and you are ready to go. These chairs are made from 100% resin (no metal inserts) which makes them very lightweight but still able to hold substantial weight. Due to their lightweight structure, they are super easy to transport. When the party is over and it is time to pack up they are very compact to store. These chairs have a unique interlocking system so they can be stacked up and stored for the next event even if you have limited space.


All-Weather Chairs

The Americana chairs are truly all-weather chairs. Thanks to the UV stabilising ingredient added to the plastic your Resin Folding Chair will maintain its colour even after being out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. This will keep your chairs looking great even after the event. If you get surprised by the weather and it starts to rain you won’t have to worry about the furniture. These chairs are waterproof and the cushions are removable so your little guests won't get wet bottoms.


Contact Details

We have limited stock, so if you are interested in buying, please purchase online or contact us below. 

Pick up available from 2 locations - North or South Brisbane

OR Delivery available Australia Wide, 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or Freight Enquires - call Bron 0414 863 444




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