Want a Fire Pit for Camping or just for Occasional Use? We have the Answer!! Collapsible Fire Pits

Now we have super exciting news!! 

We now have a fire pit that you can pack up in the Car or Caravan and take with you!!! Its our "Burn Buddy"

At just 23kg its light enough to move around but made from 5mm Steel it will last a lifetime. Perfect to add to the Camping checklist and a great addition for the storage in the Caravan. While enjoying and travelling around our amazing country you can now have a fire to stay warm by, toast a mashmallow or even cook on.

The other solution we have is the "Big Bertha" this baby is a fantastic fire pit for people that just want a fire pit set up for entertaining or just for the colder months, and can be packed up and stored for the summer or just brought out when people come over. Again this is made from 5mm steel so you will have it forever.

These 2 fire pits are available Mid June 2020 and include FREE Shipping or can be picked up from our warehouse in Perth or Brisbane.

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