Clear Ghost Chairs - Standard Seat - 4 Chairs @ $65each

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Clear Ghost Chair - Standard Seat

The Clear Ghost chair was designed by Philippe Starck Louis and is a well known classic but still ultra-modern piece of furniture that will look great in any home and compliment your already existing style and scheme perfectly. The Replica Ghost Chair will stand out with its natural opulence and perfect levels of design combined with its ultra-modern curves we’re positive that the Ghost Chair will easily become a stand out in your house.

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Minimum order is 4 chairs (1 Box) - $260 inc gst

Please add "1" to your cart to purchase 1 box (4chairs)

Only sold by the box of 4, add "1" to your cart for 1 box of 4 chairs.


**Please Note only sold per box (4 per box)  = $260 a box which includes 


Our Features are:

  • Made from polycarbonate
  • Fully Stackable
  • Resistant to varying weather conditions
  • Replicas of a well-known and admired design

Additional Info:

See Pictures for Measurements

COME IN BOXES OF 4 (only sold by the box $260)

If you'd like more information please use the Contact Page Here or call

Bron 0414 863 444


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