Tel-Tru 4" Stem Barbecue Grill Thermometer BQ300- Black/Red, 3" Dial


TEL-TRU BBQ Thermometer Red & Black Dial  BQ300 4" Stem

Cook your BBQ or Grill knowing it's cooked at an accurate temperature! The Tel-Tru BBQ Thermometer BQ300 is a world renowned product known for it's reliability and accuracy. 

The BQ300 Tel Tru Themo comes equipped with a 3" Dial & 4" stem, Glass Lens and a clearly marked range on an aluminium dial. A full list of details is below


This product is brand new and in it's original packaging.

Model: BQ300 - Black/Red
Type: Barbecue Thermometer
Dial: 3" dial
Stem: 4" stem
Temp Range: 100/500°F range on aluminum dial
Lens: Glass Lens
Bolt: 1-2 NPT
Other Requirements: Requires a 7/8" diameter hole

 Please call bron with any questions: 0414 863 444