White Americana Chairs

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White Americana Folding Chairs

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The White Americana Chair with a padded seat is one of our top selling chairs. It is the go-to chair for event organisers and wedding planners due to its lightweight and practical design. If you need an affordable folding chair for any indoor or outdoor event, then look no further.


PERTH  & BRISBANE warehouse

Minimum order is 4 chairs (1 Box) - 

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AFRDI Certified Quality

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Australia wide Delivery 

Don't hesitate to call with any questions or freight questions please call - Bron 0414 863 444



Easy To Move and Store

Setting up the White Americana Chair is a breeze. To set up all you need to do is unfold and you are ready to go. These chairs are made from 100% resin (no metal inserts) which makes them very light weight but still able to hold substantial weight. Due to their lightweight structure they are super easy to transport. When the party is over and it is time to pack up they are very compact to store. These chairs have a unique interlocking system so they can be stacked up and stored for the next event even if you have limited space.


White Americana Chairs 

We have a large stock of chairs both white Americana chairs and other Americana chairs styles in stock. Feel free to call us about our range, stock and shipping rates. 0414 863 444


All Weather Chairs

The White Americana chairs are truly all weather chairs. Thanks to the UV stabilising ingredient added to the plastic your Resin Folding Chair will maintain its colour even after being out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. This will keep your chairs looking great even after the event. If you get surprised by the weather and it starts to rain you won’t have to worry about the furniture. T 

Proven High Quality

TKO Products White Americana Chairs have been through rigorous testing and has been determined to be of the highest quality. For example this chair can carry a weight of up to 250kgs! If the unlikely event happens and you do have any problems with your chair please contact us directly.



If in stock will be dispatched 2-3 Business days. 

 If you have any further questions please call us on


Bron 0414 863 444

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